About us


ITALY HOME REAL ESTATE is an International Real Estate Consulting company with consolidated experience in the Milan area and in some of the most sought after locations in Italy.
To satisfy the demands of an increasingly global market, ITALY HOME’s team of experts professionally markets its clients’ properties to the international stage, with particular focus on the markets of Eastern Europe - from Russia to Azerbaijan, countries with enormous oil-generated liquidity.
At the time of writing, its operations have also expanded into China and South Africa!


The company’s professional approach is founded on honesty, high ethical standards and respect in all of its operations, placing client satisfaction above of any other objective.


Each operation is dealt with by a team of highly specialized sales consultants who have first class competence in all of the legal, fiscal and technical aspects of the negotiations, from the initial meeting with the client to the conclusion of the purchase/sales operations.


Each member of the team is fully committed to ongoing improvements through the development of new marketing strategies to offer the clients first class, exclusive and personalized service at every stage in proceedings.
The latest version of the software package used provides exclusive access to professional collaboration with a large number of Real Estate agencies: it is the only Multiple Listing Service system in Italy and it produces real-time results.
This greatly expands the sales catchment area and allows rapid selection of properties to suit the specific client briefs.
The ongoing in-house staff training programs are run by the best coaches in Italy and abroad - The Mike Ferry Organization, Italy/USA. These are geared to improving the team’s sales techniques and equip them with an avant-garde approach to the market backed by cutting edge sales strategies.


ITALY HOME REAL ESTATE will also provide qualified financial advice to its clients through its partnership with 24 Finance Mediazione Creditizia S.p.A. It can negotiate credit facilities to suit every requirement: to finance the purchase of real estate, for restructuring older properties or funding to finish a building project.
Mortgage facilities can be brokered to satisfy a wide range of requirements - with lending approvals for up to 100% of the surveyor’s value, repayable in up to 30 years, with variable interest packages and customized repayment schedules.


The number of foreign buyers purchasing real estate in Italy is increasing year-on-year. And while the nationalities are changing, one fundamental common denominator withstands the test of time: everyone loves Italy.
Buyers might be attracted by the stunning scenery, the cultural heritage waiting to be discovered in every corner of the Peninsula, the elegance of the buildings, the mansions, the apartments or the affordable cost of the properties.
It might also be because the real estate market, that took a severe hit in the global economic crisis in recent years, is increasingly open to economic proposals from other countries.
Anyone purchasing a property in Italy may simply view it as an investment opportunity; they may want to enjoy regular Italian vacations in familiar surroundings; or they may have decided to move permanently to Italy, to fulfil a lifelong dream.


Russians are unquestionably the largest group of Real Estate purchasers in Italy. They know the market extremely well and are highly discerning with regards their purchases.
The kerb appeal or the location of the Real Estate they purchase are not the only factors that drive negotiations; the value of the property and the quality of the investment also play important roles (for example, the potential rental income that can be generated).
The current trends show a surge of interest in properties located in the country’s more important cities (Milan leads the way, followed by Rome, Florence, Venice, and other historically-renowned towns and cities), and in some of Italy’s most famous tourist destinations.
Other areas preferred by the Russians with regards luxury properties include the Costa Esmeralda in Sardinia, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, Portofino, Forte dei Marmi in Tuscany, extending further south to Salento, the Amalfi Coast and the island of Sicily.


The interest for Italian Real Estate shown by Asian clients has increased constantly in recent years, partly because these are considered to be safe stable assets (this group of clients have been attracted by the continuous drop in property prices), and partly because the social status attached to such capital outlay thanks to the increase in personal wealth coupled with the burning desire to live the Italian style. According to the Bank of China, 60% of wealthy potential Chinese buyers have made contact with the Italian Real Estate market in recent years.
What sort of properties interest the Chinese buyers?
The elective choice of the Chinese buyers would be real estate in the major cities: Milan, Rome, Venice; however, they will not avoid the suburbs in favor of the city centers if the cost of prestigious luxury detached mansions or period properties is more competitive than other European options (for example, the British market).
The Chinese buyers prefer south-facing properties (considered to be lucky) and those positioned on the top floors of the buildings (representing greater success).
One important factor that attracts Italian sellers is the enormous liquidity of the Chinese buyers. In 70% of cases, the properties are purchased with cash transactions!


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